Slovak local governments administer more than € 3.5 billion each year. 50 per cent of Slovaks live in 100 largest municipalities. To see how open and transparent these municipalities are towards their tax payers, Transparency International Slovakia (TIS) conducted the Open Local Government 2012 study. During November and December 2012 TIS evaluated information available on local websites, replies provided by municipalities through Freedom of Information requests, as well as anti-corruption measures already in force and created the ranking of the most and least open municipalities in Slovakia.

Did you know that...

that 4/5 of local governments have improved in our transparency ranking in the past two years? Smižany, Ružomberok, and Žiar nad Hronom improved the most.

that Mayors supported by centre right parties lead local governments with more transparency than ones supported by centre left and independent candidates.

that eight out of ten cities still do not publish the results of the property sales/leasing contests?

that just one third of the cities has adopted Code of Ethics for the local government employees?

that only 42 out of 100 cities publish allocation of the grants from the city on their website? Two years ago it was only 15 out of 100 cities.

that the number of cities publishing audio/video recording from the Municipal Parliament sessions has tripled in the past two years?

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